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Providing sales consulting, training and recruitment services.

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Result: Automation Boosts Sales Efficiency

Manual sales processes hindered HTS Group's efficiency, straining resources and productivity.

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Result: Confident Team & Improved Systems

ITS management wanted an easy way to oversee their sales process and to train staff to be more effective on phone calls.

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We've worked with businesses all across New Zealand.

See how your sales engine boosts the productivity and capability of businesses.

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Meet Thomas

your trainer

Thomas has worked at the intersection of recruitment, sales and education for over a decade. From big multinational corporations to small startups. Working with jobseekers upskilling them into scale roles or working with senior executives. He’s helped businesses make millions of dollars while boosting the productivity of individuals and the profitability of businesses. Working with Thomas means a dedicated plan of action for each individual that is in recognition of your business objectives. Completely tailored to your needs this training truly will become the engine to business. From sales training to system training, Thomas and his dedicated team of experts ensure that every person gets the expertise they need to thrive. Rated an average 9.4/10 by those who have attended.

Why work with Thomas?


Average Rating

By all attendees of his sales and communication trainings.


Coaching Hours

Delivered in person or online to individuals and groups.


Increase Revenue

And profitability of all companies we've worked with.

what you'll learn

what is sales?

3 modules

Learn what it means to be a sales person, the role of a sales person and the difference between sales and marketing.

active communication

3 modules

Learn how to build strong rapport - fast. This topic gives you the right questions to ask a prospect, and develops you into a world class listener. Learn to use these techniques  to your advantage when researching and qualifying prospects.

the six principles of influence

6 modules

This topic covers the science behind influencing a customer to buy a product or service. In this topic you will learn how to apply six powerful and influential techniques to win deals.

sales mechanics

4 modules

Critical to customer success is ensuring a great customer experience. In this topic you will learn how to manage and respond to both inbound and outbound inquiries, becoming more  efficient with your time and energy.


2 modules

Build a strong relationship with your customer - fast. Break down the invisible hierarchy, become friends and humanise the conversation. This is the art of sales in action.

fact finding

3 modules

Learn your customer's story like it is your own. In this topic you will learn how to use empathy to identify their key problems and provide them with the right solution for their needs.

your tailored solution

3 modules

Learn to tailor your offering to your customers needs. By applying the strategies in these modules you will be able to provide a proven solution to your customers problems and make the most of your scheduled appointment time.

assume the sales

3 modules

In this topic you will learn how to apply scientifically proven sales techniques  to overcome objections in order to naturally convince a prospect to become a paying customer.

point of sales

3 modules

Learn the strategies that make it easy for customers to make purchasing decisions. Learn how to take payment over the phone and in the process make customers feel valued.

surprise and delight

2 modules

What we do after a sale is more important than ever. Learn how to retain customers and build a referral network. Simple, repeatable and expert strategies that will have customers becoming raving fans.

training that works for you

the benefits

On average, business clients double their revenue and after two months, salespeople consistently beat their sales targets.


Cut down on wait times from the moment that a customer engages with your business. This results in greater retention, fewer losses and an increase to your bottom line.


Obtain industry-proven insights and skills to help you better understand your customers. Apply this knowledge across your industry, and learn to deal with objections in a way that wins business and saves time.


We develop confident, responsive salespeople who have the skills and techniques to represent your business on the front line.

customer behaviour

Be forward-thinking and innovative throughout your sales process. Learn how to gain insights into your customers fast and shorten the sales cycle.

attract quality business

Know the difference between good, great and the ugly. We’ll work with you to build out a strategy that helps you retain and work with the customers that are the right fit for your business.

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what people are saying

this course helped me increase the price of my services by nearly 30%, while retaining all my current customers. My electrical practice is booming.
Isaac Winsley
Owner, Winsley Services
Your Sales Engine training has given me the confidence to overcome objections and win deals. Since finishing I’ve exceeded my sales targets!
Aaron Curtis
Business Development Manager, Les Mills
Your Sales Engine understands how to navigate the sales process in order to increase conversion rates.
Andy Binns
CEO, Hype Entertainment