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Industry Training Solutions (ITS) is a well-regarded provider of professional training courses across various industries. In 2023, ITS faced a significant challenge: the need to track sales performance, effectively manage their sales team, and create detailed reports. To address these issues, Your Sales Engine was engaged to develop innovative solutions that would transform their sales operations.

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ITS faced several significant challenges. They needed a way to monitor and optimise sales performance, improve team coordination, and set up a strong reporting system to guide strategic decision-making.


Your Sales Engine Ltd. embarked on a journey to address ITS's challenges and provide tailored solutions:


Website Development

Your Sales Engine worked closely with ITS to design and develop a new website. The new site not only showcased all of ITS's course offerings but also aligned with and improved their branding. The website design aimed to provide a better user experience and better reflect ITS's commitment to high-quality training.


Hubspot CRM Integration

A crucial step in addressing ITS's challenges was the seamless integration of Hubspot CRM with the newly developed website. Every inquiry made through the website was automatically linked to a Hubspot CRM form. This automation streamlined lead management, ensuring that inquiries were captured systematically and assigned to the appropriate sales representative for follow-up.


Sales Team Training

To empower the sales team, Your Sales Engine conducted comprehensive training sessions. This training covered the effective use of the new CRM system, as well as improving their communication skills when engaging with potential customers. Notably, the training addressed technical aspects to ensure even non-technical team members could grasp and apply the knowledge effectively.


Reporting System Implementation

An essential part of the solution was the implementation of a robust reporting system. This system allowed for the generation of insightful reports, providing management with real-time visibility into all incoming inquiries and sales performance. This made it easier to make decisions based on data and to evaluate performance continually.


Operations Team Training

In addition to the sales team, Your Sales Engine also provided comprehensive training to the operations team. This training focused on responding to customer inquiries received through the website and effectively operating the newly implemented system. It ensured that the operations team could seamlessly handle inquiries and maintain a high standard of customer service.

Results Achieved

The collaboration between Your Sales Engine and Industry Training Solutions in 2023 yielded impressive results. These results included:


User-Friendly Website Delivery

The development of a user-friendly website significantly boosted Industry Training Solutions' branding and customer engagement. The timely delivery showcased Your Sales Engine's commitment to aligning technology with ITS's brand, enhancing the platform's accessibility for clients.


Hubspot CRM Integration Success

The collaborative integration of Hubspot CRM streamlined lead management, improving the sales team's efficiency and reducing response times. This success demonstrated Your Sales Engine's technical expertise in tailoring CRM solutions to meet ITS's operational needs.


Effective Staff Training Impact

Comprehensive staff training equipped teams with both technical CRM skills and improved communication abilities, resulting in increased staff confidence and higher customer satisfaction. The dual-focus approach played a crucial role in the successful implementation of new sales solutions at ITS.


Establishment of a Strong Partnership

The collaboration forged a robust and solutions-focused relationship between Your Sales Engine and Industry Training Solutions. This partnership ensured tailored solutions, fostering a cohesive environment and positioning Your Sales Engine as a trusted advisor, contributing to the long-term success of ITS's sales operations.


Valued Customers

The transformation of sales operations at Industry Training Solutions has been a resounding success. The development of a user-friendly website, CRM integration, comprehensive training, and the implementation of a robust reporting system have collectively contributed to improved sales performance and customer engagement. This case study highlights the positive impact of strategic sales enhancements and the strength of the collaborative relationship between Your Sales Engine and ITS. ITS now boasts a streamlined, efficient process that is easy to manage and provides valuable insights for informed decision-making.