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Your Sales Engine Ltd. partnered with HTS Group to create a powerful sales management solution that has transformed the way sales activities are tracked, managed, and optimised across New Zealand and Australia.

By implementing a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the collaboration aimed to enhance sales efficiency, streamline processes, and provide valuable insights for both the sales teams and senior management.

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HTS Group

HTS Group, a prominent player in the New Zealand and Australian markets, wanted to enhance their sales sales strategy across various business units and locations. Keeping track of sales activities, measuring progress, and effectively communicating were becoming increasingly complex as the organisation continued to grow and better strategies on how to manage were required to deliver a quality service to their customers. Sales activities were historically heavily reliant on manual data entry and administrative tasks, causing more inefficiencies than management would have liked. With a desire to offer the best possible service, senior management wanted a deeper understanding on the sales pipeline and progress of opportunities to ensure customers were having the best experience when engaging with the business.


Your Sales Engine Ltd. embarked on a journey to address HTS Group's challenges and provide tailored solutions:


Nationwide CRM Implementation

A new CRM system was developed to centralise sales data, enabling seamless tracking and measurement of sales activities across multiple locations and teams.


Sales Reporting and Insights

The CRM system facilitated the generation of comprehensive sales reports, empowering employees to gauge their progress and make informed decisions. Senior management gained a holistic view of all sales activities for more effective oversight.


Automation and Streamlining

The CRM integrated automation tools to remove manual administrative tasks, allowing sales teams to focus more time on their customers.


Cross-Business Collaboration

Your Sales Engine Ltd. helped refine a process to encourage collaboration between operations and the sales department, assisting in developing a hand over process from sales to installation.


Deal Pipelines and Customer Engagement

Deal pipelines were established within the CRM to monitor the progress of potential customers. This facilitated the creation of targeted engagement strategies for improved customer interaction.


The partnership involved several key steps:



Your Sales Engine Ltd. provided comprehensive training to all HTS Group staff on using the CRM effectively, ensuring a seamless transition and maximising user adoption.


Strategic Sales Advice

One-on-one training sessions were conducted to provide strategic insights and guidance, equipping sales teams with the tools to make informed decisions.


Continuous Support

Ongoing maintenance and support were offered to ensure the CRM's success, addressing any issues promptly and keeping the system running smoothly.


System Improvement Sessions

Regular sessions were held with HTS Group staff to gather feedback and suggestions for system enhancements, ensuring that the CRM evolved to meet the organisation's changing needs.



The collaboration between Your Sales Engine Ltd. and HTS Group achieved:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automation and streamlined processes led to increased sales efficiency and reduced administrative overhead.
  • Improved Visibility: Senior management gained real-time insights into sales activities, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making.
  • Cohesive Collaboration: Different business units started working more cohesively with the sales department, resulting in a more unified approach to sales strategies.
  • Informed Engagement: The CRM's deal pipelines and customer engagement strategies enabled more personalised and effective interactions with potential customers.

CRM Improves Efficiency And Collaboration

The partnership between Your Sales Engine Ltd. and HTS Group exemplifies the power of tailored CRM solutions in transforming sales management processes. By addressing challenges and implementing innovative solutions, the collaboration resulted in improved efficiency, collaboration, and insights across the organisation. As the partnership continues, Your Sales Engine Ltd. remains committed to providing ongoing support, training, and system improvements, ensuring that HTS Group's sales engine continues to drive success.

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