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In the competitive landscape of business, adaptability and an effective sales team are essential in helping to expand your business and seize new opportunities. One Day Video, a leading video production company in New Zealand, sought to expand their sales team while upholding their core values. Teaming up with Your Sales Engine, they embarked on a transformative mission to recruit and empower the right sales representative and build out systems and processes to better manage their sales process.

Through a customised recruitment and tailored training approach, updating and implementing new features to their CRM, enhancing sales monitoring to drive growth, One Day Video have made their mark and grabbed market share.

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Building a Robust Sales Team

One Day Video, a premier video production company in New Zealand, recognised the need to expand its sales team to capitalise on new market opportunities.

However, they faced the challenge of finding the right sales representative who not only possessed the necessary skills but also aligned with their company's values.


Customised Sales Recruitment

Your Sales Engine engaged in an in-depth analysis of One Day Video's requirements and culture. Based on these insights, we identified the key traits and skills required in a new sales representative. Our expert recruitment team then sourced, evaluated and selected a candidate who not only met the job criteria but also resonated with One Day Video's company values!


Comprehensive Sales Training

Recognising the importance of a strong foundation, we designed and executed a targeted sales training program tailored to the new sales representative's role. This training covered essential sales techniques, product knowledge, and communication skills, ensuring that the representative was well-equipped to engage prospects effectively.


Nationwide CRM Implementation

As part of our holistic approach, we refined a nationwide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to ensure it could scale with a new sales representative. This system not only streamlined sales processes but also provided the new representative with a tool to efficiently manage leads, track interactions, and prioritise follow-ups.


Sales Activity Monitoring:

The CRM system incorporated advanced tracking and monitoring features. This enabled One Day Video's leadership to monitor sales activities in real-time, ensuring that the new representative was on track and optimising their time.

Results Achieved

Transformative Growth and Sales Excellence Through the strategic collaboration between Your Sales Engine and One Day Video, remarkable results were achieved:


Successful Team Expansion

By leveraging our tailored recruitment process, One Day Video onboarded a sales representative who seamlessly integrated into their team and shared their values


Revenue Upsurge

The new sales representative, equipped with our comprehensive training and supported by the CRM system, contributed significantly to boosting One Day Video's revenue. The streamlined processes facilitated higher lead conversion rates and increased sales.


Operational Leverage

With the sales processes well in hand, the leadership team at One Day Video could focus their energies on strategic growth and business development, instead of being bogged down in day-to-day sales management.


Elevating Sales Through Strategic Recruitment

The partnership between Your Sales Engine Ltd. and One Day Video demonstrates the potential of strategic recruitment and empowerment. Our unique approach to identifying, training, and integrating the right sales representative not only drove growth and helped with building a solid team culture, but also strengthened One Day Video's market position. The success achieved showcases the value of aligning recruitment strategies with business objectives.

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