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Your Sales Engine Ltd. partnered with the Nurture Group to create a powerful sales process that has transformed the way sales activities and leads are tracked, managed, and communicated across New Zealand and Australia. Your Sales Engine worked on developing and implementing an end-to-end sales process the collaboration aimed to enhance sales efficiency, streamline processes, and provide valuable insights for both the sales teams and senior management.

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Nurture Change

Nurture Group, a premier travel experience provider hosts ‘bizcations’ across the pacific for senior business leaders, needed a partner as an outsourced sales manager on contract to develop and implement an end-to-end sales process, including developing an effective sales strategy, managing all sales enquires and payments, and manage both the CRM and Intellibook travel software to facilitate post-sales, ensuring customers had the best possible experience throughout the sales process.


Your Sales Engine Ltd. embarked on a journey to address Nurture Group's challenges and provide tailored solutions:


Building A Sales Strategy

An effective sales strategy that nurtured sales leads, closed response times, and created a seamless process on how we best use technology platforms in a systematic way to manage customer inquiries. 


Managing Sales Inquiries

Designed a sales communication framework to ensure that customers and prospects had the best possible experience when engaging with the Nurture Group. Taking all sales inquiries and payments over the phone, applying a sales methodology to increase customer conversion rates.


Managing Systems And Processes

Managed CRM and Intellibook, facilitating the post-sales process handover to event management staff and HelloWorld, our travel partners.


Working Directly With Marketing

Working directly with the marketing team in real-time to ensure that marketing investments were made in the right areas an giving real time feedback on ad performance based on customer interactions.

Results Achieved

The collaboration between Your Sales Engine Ltd. and Nurture Group achieved



Selling out and launching new business ventures including, selling out Nurture Change, three years in a row, Nurture Her two years in a row and launching Nurture 360.


Improved Visibility

Senior management gained real-time insights into sales activities, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making.


Valued Customers

With an effective sales strategy, customers felt cared for and nurtured from the moment they first engaged with the Nurture Group Different business units started working more cohesively with the sales department, resulting in a more unified approach to sales strategies.



The partnership between Your Sales Engine Ltd. and the Nurture Group exemplifies the power of tailored sales solutions when engaging and converting prospective customers. By addressing challenges and implementing innovative solutions, the collaboration resulted in and growth and sell out of events across their portfolio of products, provided realtime insights across the organisation and resulted in raving fans who wanted to come back for more.