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The Mayor's
Task Force
For Jobs

Your Sales Engine worked with the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs in a transformative partnership that aimed to tackle unemployment across New Zealand. The Community Employment Programme is a multi-million dollar investment by the Ministry of Social Development aimed at supporting job seekers into work in rural and provincial New Zealand.

Through strategic guidance, training, and innovative technology solutions, the collaboration achieved remarkable outcomes in a short span, supporting  the way jobseekers accessed employment opportunities through the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs.

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The Mayor's
Taskforce for

A nationwide initiative, recognised the pressing need to address unemployment and enhance job seekers' chances of finding employment. The challenge lay in creating an efficient system that would support employment staff, train employment staff in partnership management, track progress at regional and national levels, and provide valuable insights to the Ministry of Social Development and Local Government New Zealand. 


Training and

Your Sales Engine Ltd. undertook the task of training 90 employment staff across New Zealand during the 2022-23 period. This comprehensive training equipped the staff with the necessary skills and tools to better assist job seekers in their employment journey.


CRM Development

One of the key components of the partnership was the development of a nationwide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This powerful tool not only streamlined communication and collaboration among employment staff but also allowed for granular tracking and reporting of jobseeker progress. This CRM featured region-specific and national-level reporting dashboards that provided insights into the effectiveness of employment programs.


Strategic Guidance and Support

Your Sales Engine Ltd. went beyond technology and training by offering strategic advice to optimise the support provided to jobseekers. This advice encompassed effective strategies for job placement, budgeting guidance, and the sharing of program knowledge. This holistic approach aimed to address not only the immediate job-seeking challenges but also the broader financial and personal development needs of the individuals.


National Coordination and Partnerships

As part of the collaboration, Your Sales Engine Ltd. supported the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs' national coordinator. This involved providing strategic advice and specialised training in partnership management. By fostering effective collaboration between different stakeholders, the partnership aimed to create a more robust support ecosystem for jobseekers.



Thanks to the combined efforts, the partnership achieved remarkable results. In 2022-23, 1700 jobseekers successfully entered into employment. The comprehensive reporting dashboards provided insights into regional and national progress, helping the Ministry of Social Development track and evaluate the impact of the programme.



The partnership's support for the national coordinator and the focus on partnership management contributed to a more cohesive and effective network of stakeholders. This improved coordination ensured that jobseekers could access a wider range of resources and opportunities.



The collaboration between Your Sales Engine Ltd. and the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs stands as a prime example of how technology, training, and strategic guidance can transform employment initiatives. By empowering employment staff, implementing advanced tracking systems, and fostering partnerships, the partnership achieved significant positive outcomes for jobseekers across New Zealand. The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and Your Sales Engine Ltd.'s efforts continue to drive progress in employment and contribute to a brighter future for individuals seeking meaningful work.


What people
are saying

Reporting is sooo much easier! you can pull data and stats at your finger tips. Each session I have had with Thomas, I have learnt more and more and Thomas always has helpful tips on how to get the best out of the CRM

Serena Moles

Grey District

Having the database has been a real gamechanger. Being able to put all of the information together in a central place has been very helpful and the different tabs you need to fill out gives a good reminder of the information we need to be collecting.

Carmen Hihi


After our sessions if feels like Thomas has got into my brain and provided solutions, I hadn't even been able to verbalise as a problem. Provided oxygen to the brain so I can think more clearly and breath more deeply. Thomas is Gold.

Tina Parata

Taranaki ki te Tonga

Very good, Thomas is informative and takes time to listen and answer questions.

Ruby Eriksen


Very useful, especially being new to the program this year. Improvements have helped us build up momentum in registering more job seekers and there is certainly so much potential to capitalize moving forward.

Amanda Cuff

South Wairarapa

Thomas is very helpful with explaining new systems.

Julie Moore


It's always great to touch base with Thomas and learn about forward momentum, direction, and plans.

Serena Moles

Grey District

If you don't measure you can't manage - great to see live deals, graphs and pipeline information. Thomas is doing a great job - The CRM will ensure we can validate what we are doing on the ground - well done and we look forward to working together again next year and beyond.

James Towers


Always to the point and Thomas has had a good understanding of the current information so we don't waste time trying to explain things from our end. I've also appreciated Thomas' experience, broad knowledge of the programme across the country and how each region functions. This contributes significantly to his ability to come up with solutions and empower our particular team to imagine good ways forward.

Megan Stanley

South Wairarapa

Thomas has a heart for working with youth, and this means the way he develops the CRM is very relevant and supportive of the work we do with our clients. The only thing that could make the support of the changes better would be if Thomas was here in person for a day.

Dawn Ewing


Thomas is an integral asset of the makeup of the CRM Training platform as he knows the system very well and explains detail very clearly that even someone with very limited IT or computer knowledge can follow his steps. Love your work Thomas :)

Alan Davis

South Taranaki

Support and training from Thomas has been great.

Rose Stokes


The CRM has been a great improvement with being able to access results and keep track of job seeker progress. It is always so good to catch up and be able to share challenges openly and discuss solutions.

Lisa Dobson


I feel the programme has become much more professional in its approach. The CRM, the new partnerships and the about to be released tool kit are all good examples of this. I would just like more sessions. It is always time well spent.

Julie Stephenson


The CRM enabled us to capture data and see progress easily within the MTFJ Stratford team. Easy to understand and it made the admin faster.

Samantha Vega