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Connected, a groundbreaking initiative launched by the Ministry of Social Development, aimed to support  New Zealanders by creating a comprehensive platform to connect them with education, employment, and training opportunities.

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The Ministry of Social Development wanted strategic support for Employment Liasion Advisors working at Connected in 35 Ministry of Social Development Sites across the country. The purpose was to help Employment Liasion Advisors enhance their partnership management capabilities while offering strategic advice to help create new initiatives that support New Zealanders to access education, employment or training opportunities.


Your Sales Engine Ltd. embarked on a journey to address Connected's challenges and provide tailored solutions:


Strategic Partnership Management Training

Your Sales Engine played a pivotal role in enhancing the capabilities of the Ministry's Employment Liaison Advisors. They provided in person comprehensive strategic partnership management training, equipping all 35 Advisors with new skills to better collaborate with partners, engage audiences, and execute initiatives successfully.


Nation wide In-Person and Online Training

Recognising the importance of reaching every Advisor, Your Sales Engine visited all 35 Ministry of Social Development sites across the country, delivering impactful in-person training sessions. Additionally, they conducted online training sessions, ensuring comprehensive coverage and knowledge transfer.


Strategic CRM Guidance

Your Sales Engine provided strategic advice on piloting a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system using already available tools to the Ministry. This enabled Employment Liaison Advisors to track initiatives in three phases, allowing for better decision-making, accountability and strategic insights.


Initiatives Strategy Advice

Your Sales Engine offered strategic advice on creating effective initiatives, guiding the Ministry on identifying target audiences, addressing barriers, engaging with partners, building strong cases, and executing initiatives within the framework.

Results Achieved

Through the collaboration between Your Sales Engine and, remarkable outcomes were achieved:


Empowered Advisors

All 35 Employment Liaison Advisors were equipped with strategic partnership management skills, boosting their confidence and effectiveness in their roles.


Comprehensive Training

In-person and online training ensured consistent knowledge transfer across all Ministry sites, regardless of location. All ELA's felt more supported in their role and had increased confidence.



Strategic guidance on initiatives and advice on the implementation of a piloted CRM allowed the Ministry to make informed decisions and optimise resource allocation while also providing ideas on how they could further develop Connected services and the Employment Liaison Advisor role.


Improved Outcomes

More New Zealanders were effectively connected to education, employment, and training opportunities, leading to accelerated career growth and transformed lives.


Transformed Employment Support in New Zealand.

The collaboration between Your Sales Engine and successfully transformed employment support in New Zealand. By providing strategic training, guidance, and implementation support, Your Sales Engine played a pivotal role in empowering Ministry staff, optimising strategies, and ultimately helping New Zealanders achieve their education and employment goals. This partnership stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.


What people
are saying

I felt listened to and heard, and felt like I could be honest with Thomas and have a good conversation about the role and challenges. He listened, and gave practical tools and advice to try solve or work around them. It was good to have the time to dissect things deeper, especially the things I've struggled with for a while to try find a way forward. The sales and project planning training is awesome because getting buy in and knowing where our goalpost has been has been a challenge. Thomas sessions give me a fresh perspective on the challenges and I gain tools to do better, and reassurance that I am on the right track and part of the bigger team.

Tessa Williams


This was a useful session to put the "State, Story, Strategy" practices that I see happening in real life into a process and to understand how it relates to the ELA role as well as some tips on how to maximise it.

Rhiannon Harnett


It's been great having some guidance particularly through the reporting doc as this hugely helps our mahi. The sales and partner approach techniques were great to learn about too.

Sean Markham

New Plymouth

Thomas's sessions are always very useful. Feels like wind in the sails after meeting with him. He reassures when you're on the right path, and advises when we are straying or taking too big of a bite. Great understanding of how to procure initiatives that fit our audience partners.

Borjan Djarliev


Thomas is engaging and punchy in his presentation. Very frank and pragmatic which I appreciated.

Pat Cody

Northland - Whangarei and Kerikeri